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VIPEQ Insulation Solutions

Salt penetration

Thanks to its strength and flexibility, cork will help to keep the exteriors in perfect condition avoiding damage by salinity.

Eliminates Maintenance

The proprietary formula that was developed over years of research has allowed our product to not only keep the elements but also hold its shape and color protecting your home or building for many years to come.

Minimal discoloration in the sun

Product color will remain radiant most of the time. It will have minimal, almost invisible discoloration.

Save on energy bills

When the cork is applied to the surface of your building, it creates a thermal barrier that keeps the outside elements, outside. Thermal CorkShield™ can lower your utility bills month after month.

Water Resistant

Our product works as a waterproofing agent, therefore it will be resistant to water.

Acoustic Insulation

Our product will make your home or building quieter reducing sound. It can reduce echo in any room, home, & business which is why sound recording studios still use cork to help prevent sound reverberation.

Why you have to be the next VIPEQ distributor?

Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield is an environmentally friendly, insulating spray product derived from cork. Our non-invasive solution insulates your home from the exterior, creating a thermal barrier on the applied surface and keeping your home or office temperature regulated. By preventing heat and cold from entering, we help you save energy. Cork not only improves the energy performance of your home, but the exterior texture and colour will naturally beautify the outside of your property for years to come.

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Why choose Cork?

Thermal CorkShield™ is the most advanced green energy product on the market. Apply the functionality of cork to your home to provide environmentally friendly thermal insulation, sound absorption, and water protection.

Many modern construction products deplete the earth’s natural resources or negatively impact our health.

A sustainable, naturally renewing product

Fire Retardant

Cork slows the spread of flames without releasing toxic gases during combustion. It is Class B fire rated.

High Friction Coefficient

The cork is lined with micro suction cups that permit it to adhere to the surface without sliding.

Protection of humidity and condensation in buildings

Rehabilitation and waterproofing – in its F10 version – of ceramic roofs, asphalt fabric, fiber cement, sheet metal.


Cork’s volume is made up of 88% air. This translates to a low density, between 0.12 and 0.24 Liters/2.2 kilogram, reducing structural concerns.

Environmentally Friendly

During the trimming of the bark, the cork tree releases large amounts of oxygen, replenishing the air we breathe.

Protection and sealing of air conditioning ducts

The different projected cork emulsions of VIPEQ have total adherence to most materials.

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How is the product applied?

Thermal CorkShield is applied onto the surface using a textured sprayer by one of our certified applicators.

What colors are available?

We currently have 30 colors to choose from, custom colors are available upon request.

What other uses are for Thermal Cork-Shield?

We have applied to rv roofs and walls, campers ( fiber glass and metal) , ice fishing shacks, utility and recreational trailers, industrial equipment and tanks, and more.

What is the warranty?

The warranty has just gone up from 10 years to 15 years given our past performance we were able to raise it just this year!!!

Is it toxic?

No, we are proud to offer a water-based product with other natural and renewable resources that is non voc and non-toxic.